Race & Event Live GPS Tracker

How does it work?

Every participant takes along one of our GPS tracking devices. This tracker transmits location data at a set interval over GPRS. The GPS tracking interval could be set to every few seconds/minutes up to hours. The GPS tracking device stores all data in case of no GPRS signal to ensure no data gets lost. Our dedicated web server then receives and stores the data. The live race & event map feeds itself every x minutes with the event specific data to ensure best performance.

In case you or your participants have their own hardware: we are capable of connecting to almost any kind of GPS transmitter. For example, Garmin inReach, SPOT Gen3 or SPOT Trace. A mixture of rental and personal devices? No problem!


The map is designed to present a clear event overview while still containing lot of details. 

Tab 1:
The main tab, contains the map with all riders/markers/checkpoints displayed. To make most use of the space it has a folding menu on the right side. The menu displays the race clock, filter options and the participants overview sorted on current position. Clicking on a participant activates the poly line and expands the sub menu exposing details participant data like current position, estimated elapsed distance, distance to finish (DTF), current speed and the checkpoints. An overnight campsite marker is dropped at the riders overnight position. 

Update June 2018: 
All data on the map now gets automatically refreshed once per minute. We have also added satellite view layers and enhanced the track of each participant. The tracks now include small clickable dots, on each waypoint, with all informations from that specific point!

Tab 2:
The leaderboard tab, contains a grid displaying all participants and corresponding checkpoint data. The grid allows you to filter on participants and sort columns by clicking on the headers. Detail: the first participant to check a checkpoint (automated) is highlighted in green!

Tab 3: 
Replay functionality.

Tab 4:
Instagram feed based on accounts or event #hashtags

Control panel:
you, as organizer, are in full charge of the participants. Add/change/modify participant data like name, start number, country or mark a participant as scratched. Monitor every device in real-time. You can even restart a specific tracking device, remotely! 

Ensure extra safety during your event. All tracking devices are equipped with a SOS button. The race director will receive a message with time, location and rider info once the SOS is triggered by a participant.

It is also, as a race director or event organiser, possible to receive automated alerts, by e-mail or SMS, when a riders goes 'off-track'. 

Software & Hardware

We offer software, hardware and all-in-one packages. 
We ship our GPS tracking devices packed in waterproof flight cases. All devices are numbered, charged and ready-to-go. 

Is the tracker suitable for my event?

If your event involves moving participants and/or objects: yes!
Every event is unique. We would love to adjust the software to fit your needs. 

Our Race & Event live GPS Tracker would be perfect to track, for example, classic car rally events, long distance/trail/ultra/cross country running, cycling, sailing, hiking, skiing, Escape and Evade events and more.

Why Follow My Challenge?

Like our tracker software we are flexible! We love to customise the tracker to suit your challenge.

- Optimised for best viewing experience on all devices (from smartphone and tablet to Ultra HD screens).
- We run our maps on the premium layers from Mapbox! Other layers possible!
- We use the latest 2018 model, GL300W, GPS tracking devices with a large 2600 mah battery. 
- We can connect many GPS tracking devices like SPOT and Garmin inReach as well. 
- We offer all-in-one solutions to make it as easy as possible. We can even take care of the registrations and payments.
- We understand that your event has to be perfect. We have demo tracking devices available for you to give it a test.
- Our software runs on dedicated web servers, in a modern datacentre, with the capability of upscaling. 
- As software engineers, we test, test and test even more. We challenge our soft- and hardware. We know how our soft- and hardware behaves when it needs to handle hunderds of visitors per minute. We have benchmarked it many times to ensure that our software outscores the competition.