Simply Bikepacking | Interview


Simply Bikepacking | Interview

Posted: Apr 11, 2022, 6:43 AM by FollowMyChallenge

We recently did an interview with Simply Bikepacking about what happens behind the scenes and what makes the dots move. A little insight story about Tedde de Boer and Follow My Challenge.

"Most stories about bikepacking and ultra-cycling events are told around the marvelous achievements of riders: The days and nights with close to zero rest, the mechanicals that cannot stop the soon-to-be winner, the exhaustion of neck muscles „fixed“ with whatever is at rider’s hand and many more. BEHIND THE SCENES shades a light beyond.

This episode is all about tracking! Everyone needs it from event organizers over riders to dot watchers – and most of you love it! GPS tracking brings adventures from around the world to the screens at our homes to follow along at any time. But what happens behind the scenes? Check out the interview with Tedde de Boer, the founder and owner of Follow My Challenge, to get an idea of what makes the dots move and experience a big announcement around this year’s edition of probably the most iconic ultra-cycling event in Europe firsthand."

There full interview can be found here.