New features added to our Race & Event Live GPS Tracker

Posted: 1 Mar 2018, 06:58 by FollowMyChallenge

We have added some cool new features to our race & event live GPS tracking map!


We have added a replay function. You can now play and replay the race or event to see all movements, animated.


To enhance the safety of participants, we have linked the SOS/Function button on our GPS tracking devices to our software. Once the button is pressed, a e-mail will be generated and sent to the race director or organisation. The e-mail contains valuable data like participant, location and timestamp. 

Distance On Track 

Usually, when it comes to live GPS tracking, the elapsed distance is measured by taking the SUM of the individual distances between each registred waypoint. The larger the tracking interval, the more inaccurate the result becomes.

We are introducing 'Distance On Track'. A feature that does not calculate the distance based on the logged waypoints but based on the position on the track. A track usually contain thousands of waypoints resulting in a very very accurate result. 


Take all of this, put it on powerfull cloud servers, connect some new 'big battery' GPS tracking devices, display it on premium Mapbox layers and voila; the most complete race & events tracking map.



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