New Feature: Event Analytics


New Feature: Event Analytics

Posted: Jan 13, 2021, 6:47 AM by FollowMyChallenge

We have finished the first version of our event analytics plugin. The main purpose of this plugin is to provide you with an overload of data, displayed in a dashboard type of view. It should give you more insights in the event and the participants strategy. We consider this plugin as an ongoing project that we keep enhancing and expanding.
If you have any suggestions, from a race director or dotwatchers point of view, please let us know and we might implement it! A demo can be found here.


Route Summary

An overview of the route, in numbers. The route summary shows the type of surface, the route distance, the total elevation and the highest point that the route will pass.


What are the conditions the riders are facing? The conditions are show for both start and finish as well as the checkpoints that are along the route. All weather data is updated every minute.


The first chart shows the participants status: Active, DNF, DNS and DSQ.
The second charts shows how many participants are within each group, for example solo vs pair participants.
The third charts shows how many participants are actually moving as we speak and how many are idle. 
At last but not least, the fourth charts shows how many of the participants are finished.

Front Pack

The front pack block is all about the top 10 participants of each group. We have chosen for a table grid format for easy comparison. It shows the distance on track for each participants, the distance to go, their average speed on the route, the distance to the leader, the current wind condition (including if they experience head- or tailwind, their moving- and stopped time, last report and Estimated Time of Arrival. 
Once finished, it will also indicate the time difference with the winner.

Checkpoint Position Changes

Who came through the checkpoint first? A table view shows the participants and their position in the event/race when arriving at a checkpoint. It also shows how many places they climbed or dropped in ranking since the last checkpoint. Positive ranking changes are marked green, negative changes are marked red.

Race Flow

A linechart showing distance vs time. The a great tool to compare participants. The steeper the line, the faster the rider goes. A horizontal line indicates the participant did not move during that period of time. 
You can hover each line to get more details on each recorded point.


A timeline view of the stopped time for each participants. This view allows you to easily compare who has been idle when and who kept on going. If you hover each bar, you will see the idle time of that segment. 
Since we are dealing with tracking, usually on a 5 minute interval, it is an indication and not 100% accurate up to the minute.


Here's a live demo with data from Badlands 2020: