LIVE: Rob Gardiner // Record Attempt

Posted: 20 Apr 2019, 08:45 by FollowMyChallenge

"Cycling through the most countries in seven days
As part of my training for my upcoming world record attempt - cycling the length of Europe, I am tackling another world record. This time, I'm attempting to cycle through as many countries as I can in seven days, beginning in The Netherlands. The current verified record is 13 countries, the (as yet) unverified record is 15 countries and I will be attempting to cycle through 17 countries. ".

Track Rob live:


** UPDATE **

Rob has broken the record! Rob covered 2,286km, rode 106 hours out of a possible 168, burned 44,000 calories and climbed more than 18,000 metres. His longest day was 350km and he averaged 327km per day. On his last day, he spent a monstrous 18.5 hours in the saddle.

Read all about Rob's record breaking ride:


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