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Live GPS tracking devices

Posted: 1 Sep 2017, 22:00 by FollowMyChallenge

There are many live GPS tracking devices available on the market today.  The biggest difference is how they transmit their live GPS tracking data. Some use GPRS/3G networks while others use satellite networks  like Globalstar or Iridium to broadcast their location data. 

Follow My Challenge is capable of connecting hundreds of different devices to their live GPS tracking maps. If not, we will make it work!

Popular satellite tracker brands:

  • Spot
  • Garmin inReach
  • DeLorme
  • YellowBrick

Populair GPRS/3G tracker brands:

  • Teltonika
  • Queclink

Compatible protocols:

gps103, tk103, gl100, gl200, t55, xexun, totem, enfora, meiligao, maxon, suntech, progress, h02, jt600, ev603, v680, pt502, tr20, navis, meitrack, skypatrol, gt02, gt06, megastek, navigil, gpsgate, teltonika, mta6, tzone, tlt2h, taip, wondex, cellocator, galileo, ywt, tk102, intellitrac, gpsmta, wialon, carscop, apel, manpower, globalsat, atrack, pt3000, ruptela, topflytech, laipac, aplicom, gotop, sanav, gator, noran, m2m, osmand, easytrack, gpsmarker, khd, piligrim, stl060, cartrack, minifinder, haicom, eelink, box, freedom, telik, trackbox, visiontek, orion, riti, ulbotech, tramigo, tr900, ardi01, xt013, autofon, gosafe, autofon45, bce, xirgo, calamp, mtx, tytan, avl301, castel, mxt, cityeasy, aquila, flextrack, blackkite, adm, watch, t800x, upro, auro, disha, thinkrace, pathaway, arnavi, nvs, kenji, astra, homtecs, fox, gnx, arknav, supermate, appello, idpl, huasheng, l100, granit, carcell, obddongle and hunterpro.