Guirec Soudée: sailing the world from the North Pole to the South Pole

Posted: 17 Nov 2017, 09:10 by FollowMyChallenge

We've added a new challenge!

"Guirec Soudée: sailing the world from the North Pole to the South Pole.

I’m Guirec, a french guy sailing around the world with Monique … a little red chicken.

Together, we’ve crossed the Atlantic ocean, with an old rusty boat, with no prior sailing expérience or means of communication and no money… well, with no more than 60 cents in my pocket to be exact! Then, we sailed up to Greenland, and got stuck in the ice for 130 days, in total isolation with only rice and corn to survive. Following this, we crossed the famous Northwest Passage in 32 days and 30 eggs.

Our next big adventure ? Reaching Antarctica!

We will sail from San Francisco Harbor and will be three months at sea (with no stop), crossing the entire Pacific ocean from top to bottom, a journey of more than 8,000 miles. Then, we'll pass the Cape Horn and cross the Drake Passage to reach Antarctica. Along our route, winds can easily reach 90 miles per hour, and waves can surge 50 feet high. We'll stop two months in Antarctica to explore the continent.

After that, we'll ride up the Atlantic Ocean along the American coast to the Caribbean. Then crossing it for a return to Brittany in October 2018.


We will be tracking Guirec live on a Windy based map.

Departure: last week of Nov. 2017