Getting ready for the new season!


Getting ready for the new season!

Posted: Feb 7, 2022, 1:07 PM by FollowMyChallenge

It has been a while since we did a 'behind the scenes' update. So, what has been going on? 

For us, the winter months are perfect to reflect on the previous season, work on new software updates and prepare for the upcoming season. 

We have improved the overall performance of the platform by rewriting bits of code, restructuring the database and migrating the whole application to PHP 8.1.
The manager behind the maps has grown a lot, ideal for our partners, resellers and race organisers. We also put in little tweaks and updates on the front-end. For example, routes will now have directional arrows to indicate the direction of the route. The leaderboard has a CSV export for the race director. We are finalizing our stage mode. We have implemented a whole new route prediction algorithm that results in far more accure distance readings on free-route events. 

We are proud to have placed our biggest order of new GPS tracking devices ever; 1200 pieces of GL320MG!
Our fleet now contains over 2000 devices of which most are brand new LTE-M trackers! Although we have a large fleet, make sure to reach out in time so we can make a note of your event and reserve you some trackers!

N+1 is always a good thing. There for we have added a second Dell R640 server to the fleet. Each server is located in a different datacenter to ensure maximum uptime. For those who like digits, both are dual Intel® Xeon® Silver 4210(R) servers with 256 GB ECC RAM and loaded with Intel DC SSD discs in a fast RAID 10 setup.

We are excited about the upcoming season, full of new and returning events!