Behind The Scenes: Event Analytics


Behind The Scenes: Event Analytics

Posted: Nov 23, 2020, 9:41 AM by FollowMyChallenge

Low season = development season!

The event analytics dashboard is making good progress. It will be released January 1st. Here's a teaser.

Dotwatching is more then staring at a marker on a map. Its about combining data, forming thoughts. 

Thus far, we have had a leaderboard with checkpoint and segment times, and a race-flow graph comparing distance vs time. The event analytics plugin will become one big dashboard with statistics, graphs, flows, and conditions. 

It will give the dotwatcher an overview of the event with some facts about the surface, length, elevation and highest point. 

Then it will display the real-time weather conditions on the start, finish and all set checkpoints. 

A participant overview is presented. How many particpants are there? How many are DNF? How many are still moving, as we speak. 

Up next is a top 10 table view displaying the participants with some more in depth data, for example, distance-to-leader and ETA. Based upon course and weather data, we will also indicate if the rider is experiencing head- or tailwind.

How many particants passed CPx ? What was their ranking at certain checkpoints? The graphs above will answer those questions.

Time moving vs Time Idle. A huge timeline will compare this data.
Each block is clickable and will show the idle time.

We expect to have this plugin ready in december 2020. It will be included in every 2021 tracking map. 

New graphs, charts and analytics will be added while development proceeds. 

Suggestions? Drop us a line!