Behind The Scenes #5

Posted: 17 Apr 2020, 13:01 by FollowMyChallenge

What has been going on behind the scenes? Here's an update!

The mailbox is empty, events are postponed/cancelled, we're all at home.  We try to use our time wisely resulting in new software features and improvements!


Different Start Times & Tracks

The software already included the possibility of setting up groups of participants. For example, single or pairs. 
We have expanded this feature. From now on, groups can start on different times and follow different tracks. You can think of a group going East-West and a group going West-East. Perhaps two more groups but on a different day. 

Moving time vs Stopped

It's now possible to see the moving time vs stopped time per participant. 

Elevation Chart

The elevation chart is now implemented! You can show/hide. When you move the map, or you zoom to a certain section, the chart updates itself showing only that part of the track. When you hover your mouse, an indicator will move along the track as displayed on the map. Riders locations are also shown.


Maps can get covered in dots making you lose track.  You are now able to filter on rider status and even show/hide whole groups! Lightswitches are implemented in the details tab. 


We've invested in a brand new 1U Dell PowerEdge R640 server to expand our platform. 
The server is equipped with dual Intel Xeon Silver 4210 processors resulting in 20 cores, 40 threads of power. We currently installed 96 GB of ECC RAM. Storage is done on 6 Intel DataCenter SSD D3-S4610 Series drives in RAID-10 setup.  Backups on 1TB SAS drives. The server is located in Serverius Datacenter Dronten with a 10Gbit uplink to the internet.

The server has been split into 3 VPS servers with the following roles:
- Tileserver, serving the great map tiles licensed/bought from Maptiler.
- Visitor webserver, serving the world.
- Data processor

Currently, with the whole COVID-19 situation, the server is doing pretty much nothing. That's why we've decided to donate most of its calculating power to [email protected], read more.

What to expect? 

What to expect in the (near-) future? 

- We are working on partnerships in order to expand our brand and platform on other continents. 

- The race director dashboard will get an overhaul, allowing you to control even more.

- Event statistics. We have started prototyping different graphs showing event related data. Here's a preview:


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