Behind The Scenes #3

Posted: 24 Jan 2019, 08:15 by FollowMyChallenge

What has been going on behind the scenes? Here's an update!

Low season = development season Fire on Apple iOS 12.1

Traffic Layers

We added the option to show/hide a real-time traffic layer. All traffic data is updated every 5~10 minutes. 
Busy roads, closed roads, empty roads, all the information is available with the push of a button. 

Traffic Layers - Live GPS Tracking

Altitude visualization

It's now possible, with preloaded tracks, to display the altitude information on the track. 
The lowest known track altitude represents green. The color will turn smoothly towards red, indicating the highest altitude of the track. 
At first, we developed a 2D view but in order to give the best experience, we decided to build it in 3D as well !


There it is again: Windy! We just love Windy so it had to be included in our Race & Event live GPS tracking map. We did register the wind speed/direction with each waypoint and made it already visible. However, Windy gives you 'the real deal' when it comes to visualizing Wind animations, including predictions !! 
We have added Windy into a tab, displaying the Windy control interface, allowing you to choose a lot of options like wind, thunder, rain, humidity, snow, temperature, clouds, dust, SO2,  pressure and more. Predictions can be made with the ICON 7km and GFS 22km model and displayed in different metrics. 

Since we want to keep the main Mapbox tab as main tracking view, we have only added all markers including their last 25 waypoint trail and track (if available). 

Windy Live GPS Tracking

Event Controls

We are finishing up on our interactive race control dashboard for race organisers and directors.

It will not only display all event and network statistics but also allow you to modify all settings, tracks, checkpoints and more. Change rider details, set somebody to DNF or DSQ or add ghost markers to chase the riders.

M2M Services

Connectivity is key. To ensure the best possible global connectivity we have chosen to make use of M2M Services

M2M Services is one of the leading machine to machine specialists in the Netherlands and part of the Tele2 IoT Partner Ecosystem. 

M2M Services provides wireless data connectivity through a global network of operators. With the Cisco Jasper control center, we are able to monitor each and every SIM individually and in real-time. We can even run full network diagnostics on each device.


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