Behind The Scenes #2 - Software Updates

Posted: 22 Aug 2018, 05:48 by FollowMyChallenge

It has been two months since the first edition of behind the scenes. What's been going on? 

Well, we have had quiet some trackers that went live as well as events with our 'race & event' version of the live GPS tracking software.
With each event, we came up with new features that we wanted to add to the software. And so we did!

In this edition of behind the scenes we'll give you a heads up on what has been developed recently with our main focus on the race & event map.  

Auto Refresh

You will never have to refresh the whole page anymore.
The tracker automatically updates all positions and data every 60 seconds. 

Finish Times

We are now displaying not only 'Finished' in the details menu but the finish time as well.
All finish times are calculated in most precise way. However, in the race manager, you as race director, have the option to overrule the finish time. This could, for example, be usefull in case of a penalty or manual correction.

Historical Waypoint Data

At first, it was only possible to see somebody's previous track as a static line. We have added clickable bullits to each previous waypoint including historical data from that specific waypoint.

Altitude & Elevation

Altitude and elevation data has been added to all events with a fixed preloaded route. 
The data has been added to each popup and details menu.

We have also added a little chart to each participant in the details menu. This chart displays the previous and upcoming altitude data over a course of 20 kilometers. The red indicator marks the participants current position. This gives you, as dotwatcher, a good indication if somebody is going up- or downhill and what lies ahead. 

Weather Data

Each waypoint now contains weather data like temperature, wind speed, wind direction and sunset/sunrise times. Including a nice icon displaying the current conditions. 

Restyled Popups

The popups have a more modern look. 

Also, as shown by the image above, all participant popups now contain (optional) the city and website of the participant.

Participant Status

At first, a participant could have either the status 'active' or 'scratched'. We have extended this. Participants can now be active, DNF, DNS or DSQ. We also added a status for crew members.

Basic & Satellite View

You are now able to switch the mapping layers between normal, basic and satellite view!
The buttons to do so are located in the details menu.

Direct Access URL's

The tracking page url now gets updated whenever you move or zoom the map. 
The exact location that you are looking at, including zoom level, is added to the url. If you share this url, it will point exactly to the same location again. Great in case you want to point out to something specific!

Also, when you click on the marker of a participant, the participants name is added to the url.
This url now gives you direct access with focus on the specific participant. 

Example 1:,2.294388,17.01
Example 2:


An Instagram tab has been added. Photo's are being displayed based on #hashtags or Instagram users.

Race Flow

A race flow tab has been added. The interactive chart displayes the participants distance vs time.


Perfect for ITT rides or other multiple editions of an event.
Ghost markes can be placed on the route indicating for example the time to beat. 

The ghosts move at a set speed and do not sleep...

...check it out for yourself!


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