500x LTE-M GPS Trackers are added to the fleet!


500x LTE-M GPS Trackers are added to the fleet!

Posted: Jun 22, 2021, 11:21 AM by FollowMyChallenge

To keep up with demand and evolving technology, we've added 500 brand new GPS trackers to the rental fleet. Besides the GL300W 2600 mah model, we're now putting the GL310MG from Queclink into action!

The GL310MG looks the same as the previous model but there are two mayor improvements.

  • The tracker has an USB-C port for charging which is much better
  • The tracker uses the LTE-M network! This network is more energy efficient making is run for a longer time on a single battery charge.



The LTE-M network is developed for Internet of Things applications, like GPS trackers.
The LTE-M network is a so called 'low power wide area' network based upon the current 4G network. LTE-M trades in data rate for better power efficiency and longer signal range. The lower data rates mean that the signal can travel further and it will take less power to do so.

LTE-M also introduces LTE eDRX and LTE PSM, great energy efficient features.
Here's a good article if you want to dive into it a bit deeper.