Behind The Scenes: 3D Live GPS Tracker

Posted: 1 Oct 2019, 11:40 by FollowMyChallenge

Autumn is here! Rain is falling, the event season is calming down. For us the perfect time to reflect on past event season. The perfect time to bring new idea's to live, to turn post-it notes into code.  

Kicking off with our brand new 3D GPS Tracking plugin!
It is facinating to see how the internet grows. A few years ago we where still browsing our way through basic HTML websites. Nowdays it seems that the sky is the limit with browsers becoming more advanced, computers more powerfull and internet connections faster.

Riding through the mountains? Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro? 3D mapping is the most attractive way of visualizing geolocation data. 

Interested in 3D Tracking? Fancy a demo? Get in touch!

Lysebotn, Norway


Mt. Kilimanjaro


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