The Live GPS Map

  • Updates every 2.5, 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Unlimited waypoints. (Shows the entire length of the route instead of just the last 50 points).
  • All waypoints are stored as long as needed. (Spot deletes them after just 30 days).
  • Optimised for all devices (from smartphone and tablet to Full HD screens).
  • Different surface maps (road, satellite, terrain & hybrid).
  • Supports Street View!
  • Campsite markers, displayed with a delay for security reasons incl daily distances.
  • Custom display icons: start, finish, currently, waypoints etc.
  • Custom colour palette matching your web design or preferences.
  • ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons.
  • Integrated Flickr photo feed based on geotagging
  • KML file export to use in Google Earth or Garmin BaseCamp for example.
  • GPX file export to use in Strava or other software.
  • GPX file import to display pre-planned routes.

Real-time GPS Tracking Data

  • Displays ‘time elapsed’, ‘estimated distance’, ‘daily average’, ‘real-time weather data’ inc. temperature, wind speed and direction.
  • Includes altitude graphs and all kinds of gauges displaying data. 
  • Last update timestamp + status active/paused. 

GPS Tracking Map Integrations

  • The map can be integrated in any website. We provide the needed scripts and assistance.
  • We integrate the map into your Facebook Fanpage.

The 'Race & Event' Tracker

Click here to read all about our brand new 'race & event' live GPS tracking maps!