The Live GPS Map

  • Updates every 2.5, 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Unlimited waypoints. (Shows the entire length of the route instead of just the last 50 points).
  • All waypoints are stored as long as needed. (Spot deletes them after just 30 days).
  • Optimised for all devices (from smartphone and tablet to Full HD screens).
  • Different surface maps (road, satellite, terrain & hybrid).
  • Supports Street View!
  • Campsite markers, displayed with a delay for security reasons incl daily distances.
  • Custom display icons: start, finish, currently, waypoints etc.
  • Custom colour palette matching your web design or preferences.
  • ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons.
  • Integrated Flickr photo feed based on geotagging
  • KML file export to use in Google Earth or Garmin BaseCamp for example.
  • GPX file export to use in Strava or other software.
  • GPX file import to display pre-planned routes.

Real-time GPS Tracking Data

  • Displays ‘time elapsed’, ‘estimated distance’, ‘daily average’, ‘real-time weather data’ inc. temperature, wind speed and direction.
  • Includes altitude graphs and all kinds of gauges displaying data. 
  • Last update timestamp + status active/paused. 

GPS Tracking Map Integrations

  • The map can be integrated in any website. We provide the needed scripts and assistance.
  • We integrate the map into your Facebook Fanpage.

Live GPS Tracking Devices

There are many live GPS tracking devices available on the market today.  The biggest difference is how they transmit their live GPS tracking data. Some use GPRS/3G networks while others use satellite networks  like Globalstar or Iridium to broadcast their location data. 

Follow My Challenge is capable of connecting hundreds of different devices to their live GPS tracking maps. If not, we will make it work!

Popular satellite tracker brands:
SPOT, Garmin inReach, DeLorme and YellowBrick

Populair GPRS/3G tracker brands:
Teltonika and Queclink

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The 'Race & Event' Tracker

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