We provide live GPS tracking for individuals, groups, events, races, record attempts and more. 
Our live GPS tracking maps can be divided into three departments:

  • Race & Event Trackers, designed to track multiple participants/athletes. 
  • Individual Trackers, designed for tracking individuals. 
  • Custom Tracking Maps, build for a specific purpose.

Race & Event Trackers

A state-of-the-art map, build upon the premium layers of Maptiler, designed to track multiple participants.
Packed with features to provide the ultimate dotwatching experience. Auto-updates, detailled stats, weather data, Instagram, Windy view, 3D view, leaderboards, elevation charts, raceflows and more. 

We deliver all-in-one packages; including rental tracking devices.
Do you have your own tracker(-s)? No problem, we can connect them!

Individual Trackers

Individual trackers are based on Maptiler and designed to track an individual. 
The map shows the whole elapsed route, overnight markers, weather data and more.

We are capable of connecting to many GPS tracking devices and have a different models up for rent. 

Custom Tracking Maps

Not satisfied with the standard tracking maps?
We can build unique tracking maps tailored to your needs. Perfect for corporate events.

Feel free to reach out so we can talk about the possibilities!

Instagram Impressions

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