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General Inquiries

Can Follow My Challenge provide GPS tracking and mapping for my event?

Yes!  Whether you are an event director, an individual attempting a individual time trial (ITT), or just someone who likes an adventure, we have you covered.  We have a large fleet of various rental GPS trackers. 
Our mapping software is loaded with features to provide a premium experiences to our clients.

I have my own tracker (a SPOT or Garmin InReach), can I use these with Follow My Challenge's mapping software?

Yes!  If you are participating in an event or challenge and already have your own GPS tracker, we can integrate it with our mapping software.  We will provide you with easy to follow instructions on the information we need to get you set up.

Can my family and friends watch my progress in real time?

Yes!  A unique URL is assigned for each event or challenge with Follow My Challenge.  Anyone with the link can see your progress and watch the event unfold in real time or replay!

Can Follow My Challenge take care of rider registrations?

Yes! With our webshop, we can take care of participant registrations. We can even collect the race fee on behalve of the organisation.
Checkout can be done, securely, with iDeal, PayPal or CreditCard. Other payment providers can be activated upon request. 

The race director receives access to a real-time registration sheet, including all participant details. 

Do you provide an API during the event?

Upon request, we can provide API access to specific event data.

Mapping Software

Can I embed a tracking map into my website?

Yes! Our maps can be embedded into your website.
We provide the iframe HTML code and assist where needed.

Can we display different routes/groups on the same map?

Yes, we can load-in as many routes as you like. 
Riders can be assigned to different groups where each group can have a different start position, time and track.

Can participants start at different times?

Yes. We can set a start time for the whole map or per group. Then, we can add a start-delay for each participant. This allows participants to start every x minutes. A great covid-proof solution. 

The finish time will be corrected automatically. Ranking in this mode is usually done on 'average speed on track'.

How is ranking done?

Ranking is by default done based upon distance on track. However, there are other options. For example, free-route, based upon checkpoint timestamps.

We can even assign a certain value to each checkpoint, which you will get as a score upon checking. Example.

Ranking can also be done based upon the amount of visited regions/departments or cantons.

I am missing something on the map, what can I do?

Get in contact through the contact form on the website.

We are working constantly on new features to improve our mapping platform. We are open to any suggestions!


Are there any instructions on how to use the tracking device?

Yes! We have setup an instruction manual and video on how to operate the GPS tracking devices. Please note that these instructions are specifically for the cell based GPS tracking devices, as used mainly in Europe, and not for the SPOT or Garmin devices.


What model of GPS trackers do you rent?

We have a fleet of Queclink GL300W, Queclink GL300MG and SPOT Gen3 tracking devices.

Follow My Challenge USA maintains a fleet of SPOT Gen4 trackers. 

What are the specs of the Queclink GL300W ?

The GL300W is one of the most used GPRS trackers. The device uses the 2G/3G network to transmit location data. In Europe, these devices are more reliable and faster in transmission than SPOT. 

All of our trackers are equipped with M2M simcards, allowing the device to connect to any available network. 

The dimensions are 39.9mm(L) × 26.7mm(W) × 77.9mm(H).
Battery size: 2600 mah.

The battery life on 1 min interval is up to 48 hours non-stop. 
The battery life on 5 min interval is up to 5-7 days non-stop.

Battery life is determined by many factors, including weather, reception, network quality and placement off the participant.


What are the specs of the Queclink GL300MG ?

The specs of the Queclink GL300MG are more or less the same to the GL300W. 
The biggest difference is the usage of 4G LTE and special internet-of-things network technologies like LTE Cat M1 / NB1. These modern, low bandwidth networks are less energy consuming. 



How does shipping work?

All tracker rentals are shipped to event directors (for mass start/grand depart events), or individuals for ITTs or challenges.

Rental trackers need to be returned within 1 week after the event is finished.

Return shipping fees are not included.

Follow My Challenge uses UPS carbon neutral as a preferred shipping partner.

Are the rental SPOTs shipped with batteries?

Our SPOT trackers are not shipped with batteries.  SPOTs require four AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x (L92) batteries.
All other trackers have a reachargable battery build in.