It all began in November 2014 when I, a Netherlands-based cycling enthusiast and entrepreneur in the web development and software market, came into contact with Lee Fancourt (cyclist). 

While Lee was training and focusing on his 10 upcoming Guinness World Record attempts, I started developing the tracking software. There are a few reasons why I decided to start developing our own tracking software, one of them being that the Spot Widget, which is provided by Spot, only shows the last 50 waypoints. In a challenge such as Lee’s Nordkoff, Norway to Tarifa, Spain (4,200 miles), 50 waypoints are just a tiny fraction of the route thereby giving it the wrong perspective. In addition to this, the use of custom tracking software gives full flexibility. It allows development and growth where needed.

The tracker proved to be successful when first used in a real challenge in June 2015. 

A new company has been born: ‘Follow My Challenge’.
Chamber of Commerce registration 67191061 - The Netherlands. 
Since the 13th of Feb. 2017 we are an official EU registered trademark: Follow My Challenge®

We have the perfect tracker software for you! Our main goal is to provide a tracker that is as customized as possible to suit your next challenge - a tracker that shows the whole route and is packed with cool features – a tracker that loads up properly on smartphones as well as tablets, laptops, desktops, beamers and other hi-definition devices.

Whether you go cycling, hiking or even sailing, our tracker software suits every challenge - we will make sure of it.
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