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Live GPS Tracking

We provide live GPS tracking for individuals, groups, events, races, record attempts and more. 
Live GPS Tracking is a great way to promote your event/activity, build out your fanbase and  increase fundraising. 

All of our detailed maps are mobile friendly, include many features and have an intuitive interface. 

We will take care of the setup and tailor the map to suit your needs. We can even take care of participant registration and payments.

Tracking devices, with global coverage, will be shipped in solid flightcases, fully charged, labelled and ready to be handed out.

You'll love working with us

Quick Communication

We strive for quick, reliable communication with our clients.  We will always respond to your inquiry within one business day (or sooner), and we're always available for technical support!

Personal Contact

We're actual humans with backgrounds in endurance sports and event promotions. We know how important it is for you and your event to happen seamlessly, which is why we'll personally ensure your GPS tracking needs are met every time!

Premium Tracking Software

Our tracking maps are built on premium Maptiler layers and packed with features:  auto updates, detailed statistics, weather data and wind view, Instagram integration, 3D view, leaderboards, elevation charts, raceflows, replay and more! 

The Latest GPS Trackers

We stock the latest tracking devices in our fleet from Queclink and SPOT.

Our Maps

We provide modern, intuitive, tracking maps built on premium Maptiler layers, packed with features and guaranteed to load properly on any device (smartphones through 4K UHD screens)! 

Dotwatching fans, family and friends of participants can follow along with auto updates, detailed statistics, weather data and windy view, Instagram integration, 3D view, leaderboards, elevation charts, raceflows, replay and more! 

Control Panel

Our control panel allows event organizers to monitor every device in real-time, receive automated alerts (by e-mail or SMS) when a rider is off-track, and manage participants' data. Add/change/modify participant name, start number, country and other event settings.

We deliver all-in-one packages; the latest GPS rental tracking devices and premium maps and features! Got your own device? No problem, we can connect many types and brands.

3D Tracking

One of the latest features; a 3D view! 
Follow the participants in a stunning 3D view.

The 3D tracking view is available with every event and runs smooth on all devices, including modern smartphones. 


In our opinion Follow My Challenge has emerged to the number one tracking solution for bikepacking events in Europe, offering the integrated solution of tracking software, rental devices and perfect service that we were looking for.

Thomas & Achim // Organiser // Bikepacking Trans Germany

As an event organizer, it's foremost the ease of use and professional communication as well as the flexibility to implement special requests.

As a dotwatcher, it's the engaging visuals and intuitive interface. All the extra layers, features and views make it fun, addictive and inspiring to watch events unfold.

If there's something to be improved, I'm sure Tedde has it already on a to-do list. :)

Jesko // Organiser // Taunus Bikepacking

The flexibility played an important role in making the decision to choose FMC. During the event the assistance from Tedde was always very responsive and spot on.

Alberto // Organiser // 8 delle Langhe

The best interface, very clear, easy and intuitive to use.

New features are constantly being developped.

Holger // // Eifel Graveller

I looked for a company who was able to provide 20 trackers for my friends and myself. After the first contact and look on the website, I was full confident that this was professional! 

Very good, personal and quick answer to my questions and a more than wonderful service before, during and after our cycling event. 

Martijn // Organiser // The Longest Day

Top Service during the event! The contact person 24/7 available.

Bernd // Organiser // Bikepacking Franconia

Great tracking interface, reliable and superb supportive service. 

We've worked with Follow My Challenge since 2017 and super happy with the service.  All the updates and improvements Tedde and his team implemented so far have been up to speed and great.

Shu // Organiser // HK 360 Swim

Have a ranking for the event, have control that all riders use the correct route, see where everyone is for safety reasons, give riders the opportunity to share their ride with friends and family, integrate own trackers like spot... worked perfectly. Outstandig tracking site, personal and fast service.

Andrew // Organiser // Voges 2 Blackforest

Precise and simple to use tracking solution, preferable with minimal installing modification to the cars.

Follow My Challenge did a very good job for two events already and lived up to our expectations by any means.

Very good comunication and flexibility, also during the event, changes, switching of trackers and labels have been accomplished in no time.